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Authentication of Translations 

Authentication with the Company Seal 

Translation from/into foreign languages is the core activity of Neo Translating Language Services, that is why the translation made can be authenticated with the Company seal and a signature of the Director to confirm that the translation is correct and has been made by a qualified specialist. If required, the translation can be supplemented with the certified copies of the Company constituent documents (Certificate of State Registration of a Legal Entity and Notification from the Statistics Bodies specifying the core activities). Legal effect of notarization, apostille, consular legalization and authentication with the Company seal is not the same, but in some cases the latter is acceptable, e.g. for customs procedures, procurement of visas, submission of the travel expense reports to the account department and medical documents to the local hospitals, etc.


Notarization is one of the most wide-spread ways to legalize official documents. It is equally applied to the documents translated from a foreign language and to the documents translated from Russian. 

By entrusting the translation and notarization of your documents to Neo Translating, you save a lot of time and effort. You provide us with the certified copies of the documents to be translated or with their originals (we will notarize the copies without any additional fees). Our specialists will translate your document and then notarize the authenticity of their signature (for this procedure the presence of the translator is required). 


·         No signatures of the officials or seal of the organization issuing the document are present;

·         The original of the document is laminated; 

·         There are some corrections which are not certified by the issuing organization in the original document. 

In some cases notaries require the document to be apostilled or consular legalized and it should be considered in advance as the apostille can be made only in the country where the document is issued. Read more about consular legalization and apostille in the section “Legalization of Documents”.

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