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Advantages of Corporate Support

1. Convenience and Quality

Corporate support of your Company provides you with the whole range of linguistic services concerning both written translation and interpretation. The specialists of Neo Translating can help you solve all the issues, including selection of a subject matter expert. The staff of our Company includes translators with strictly defined specialization, such as law, finance, economy, energy, machinery, metallurgy and others which require high qualification and competence. You can control the process of the work at each of its stages.

2. Loyalty

It is well-known that an organization, unlike an individual person, does not fall ill, go on holidays or just feel tired. Your personal manager can form a work group of specialists who can substitute each other to provide continuous work on your projects in any season of the year, at the same high level of quality. Moreover, all translations undergo obligatory correction by a professional editor in order to avoid the negative effect of human factor.

3. Technological Innovations

Neo Translating is in step with the modern trends in applying various technological innovations in its work. One of the competitive advantages of our company is implementation of special software designed to optimize the process of translation. Translation Memory (TM) software helps us not only perform written translations with high quality and always on time, but also maintain terminological and stylistical uniformity of the text or compile corporate glossaries.

4. Pleasant Advantages of Corporate Support

We can arrange the courier service to pick up the materials to be translated and bring you the finished translations afterwards, at the stipulated time. Moreover, corporate Customers are offered discounts for large projects and a special price list for the translation of template documents, such as customs entries.

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