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For Individual Customers

Neo Translating offers a wide range of services on translating personal documents of individuals with legal certification of the translations, which are: notary certification, certification with the stamp of the Company, apostille and consular legalization (for the countries not included in the Hague Convention).

In our work we always consider your current circumstances. This is why the urgent translation of the documents for visa or citizenship application, customs documents and others will be performed within the shortest period of time, preserving the high quality of translation and the conformity to the international standards.

When you entrust the translation of your personal documents to Neo Translating, you always enjoy the careful approach to your order and the optimal proportion of price and time. Our competent and polite managers are happy to answer all of your questions, which may arise, by phone or e-mail and complete the work with maximum comfort for you. 


Recommendations for Preparing your Documents for Translation

1. If the translation of your documents is to be certified by the Notary (ex., if you need a certified copy of a birth certificate with the subsequent translation into a foreign language), please pay attention to the quality and condition of the original document. It is very important that the entire original document is undamaged with no corrections or erasures. Otherwise, the Notary has the full right to refuse certifying the copy of your document.

2. For the translations of personal documents containing names of persons, it is important to attach the right lettering of the names as they are spelled in the international passport or in any other previous documents, for example, the application form for a foreign college.


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