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Neo Translating Language Services provides Customers with the service of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at official and non-official events:

·         Installation supervision, commissioning and start-up, audit, educational programs;

·         Business negotiations, court trials, presentations, press conferences;

·         Workshops, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions;

·         Excursions, marketing researches, corporate events.

These kinds of interpretation have their own peculiarities. That is why we choose the interpreter according to the individual needs of the Customer and various working aspects. All price calculations are announced beforehand (by hours or by weeks).

There are two kinds of interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous. Both have their own advantages and aspects.

Consecutive Interpreting

With consecutive interpreting one language pair is used. The interpretation is done by blocks of five-six sentences each. Extra advantage for the audience is that it is possible to think over the said things in the breaks the interpreter makes, which is very important for making considered decisions.

Another peculiarity of consecutive interpreting is that everybody, including the interpreter, takes part in the conversation. For this reason, it is not only the personal and professional qualities of the interpreter that matter, their appearance is also very important. Subconsciously people will accept the interpreter that speaks the same language as themselves (usually their native language) as the main conversation partnerand eye-contact plays a significant role therein. Providing you with the interpreter who is able to represent your company at the negotiations is our primary objective. Neo Translating Language Services deals only with certified experienced specialists, who are highly qualified in their area of specialisation, so that the Customers’ needs are always satisfied, despite the theme or complexity of the conversation.

Choosing consecutive interpreting, you acquire a series of advantages: the first and foremost is the minimal loss of sense in the translation; the second one is the lower cost in comparison with simultaneous interpreting; the third is the fact that you are not attached to one place, as consecutive interpreting does not require any special equipment, which keeps you mobile and able to conduct several meetings in different locations.

Perfect command of language, well-bred speech, clear articulation, trained voice, knowledge of etiquette and dress-code together with understanding of the terminology required for the event are the conditions of success at the meeting with your foreign partners; it means that the interpreter needs to know as much as possible about the event. For this reason, it is extremely important to provide your Vendor with all required information about the event, submit the program, reports or presentations, send links to the referred Internet resources or printed materials. With all this, the interpreter will feel like a duck in water, and for the Customers and their partners the meeting will be facile and unstrained.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting became widely spread in the middle of previous century, and it was determined by certain peculiarities:

· Time saving in comparison with consecutive interpreting, as it takes place at the same time as the speech;

· Opportunity of translating the speech into several languages, as it may be needed at a large-scale international event;

·  Interpreting takes place in real time, which helps the speaker to maintain better contact with the audience who can hear the speech in their earphones, while the event organizers save money on the renting of room and equipment.

However, when preparing an event with simultaneous interpreting, it is necessary to provide the special equipment which needs to be flawlessly working and creating comfortable conditions for the interpreters’ work, isolating them from noise and distracting factors. You can guarantee the success of your event by providing the interpreter with some printed or written materials for them to prepare for the interpretation and carry it out in the perfect way.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually used at conferences, workshops and meetings of several parties, but for two-sided negotiations this kind of interpreting is not acceptable, as it always inevitably leads to a partial loss in point. For such meetings consecutive interpretation is recommended, which is also preferrable for the events with limited budget. 

When ordering simultaneous interpreting it is important to decide how many interpreters are needed. Any kind of interpreting is a sophisticated mental process that requires physical and psychological skills; the stresses of simultaneous interpreting are several times higher. For every event at least two simultaneous interpreters are needed. Under normal conditions an interpreter can work without break for maximum of 30-40 minutes, otherwise the quality of the work reduces, as the interpreter gets tired, the reflexes and attention get distracted.

If you have any questions or need assistance to understand what kind of interpreting you should choose, please do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail. Our highly qualified managers are always pleased to help you.

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