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Translation of Personal Documents

Translation of such documents as birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, diploma, record of employment, property right certificates etc., is classified as translation of personal documents. Neo Translating offers translation of personal documents both from Russian into foreign languages and from foreign languages into Russian. The service of notary or company stamp certification is often used together with the service of personal document translation. Read more about certification procedures in the section “Certification of Translations”. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our managers, they are always glad to provide you with highly qualified consultations. 

When working with personal documents, our Company experts pay special attention to the slightest details that sometimes may go unnoticed by the Customer. By having all the necessary knowledge and great experience in such translations, Neo Translating guarantees that all the legal and formal details of translation and certification are strictly followed. 

Considering the fact that the Customers usually need to submit the documents by a certain time, our Company always makes all possible efforts to complete the translation within the time limits, without any loss in quality. If you want your translation to be ready as soon as possible, please pay attention to the following details: 

· When submitting a package of personal documents, please attach the spelling of your last name and first name in your international passport or any other documents you have already submitted to the said authority; 

· If certification of the original documents is needed (certificates, diplomas, employment records, etc.), please make sure that the entire original document is undamaged, that it contains no corrections, erasures or additions which are not certified by a stamp of a competent body; otherwise the Notary can refuse to certify the document; 

·  Please, confirm if the authority where the document is to be submitted requires apostille. 

The experts of Neo Translating do everything to relieve you from extra bureaucratic procedures; by calling our manager you minimize the number of visits to our Company, simply to bring the documents and to pick them up, translated and certified. 

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