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Traditionally, written translation is of the greatest demand on the translation market. In the age of globalization and Internet development, contacts with international partners become an integral part of our lives, and when buying expensive equipment, one needs to be sure that it is installed properly in order to operate for a lengthy period of time. The highly skilled professional team of Neo Translating will support you with excellent technical, juridical, economic, medical, literary translations, along with the translation of personal and business correspondence. The scheme of work relating to written translations is as follows:

· Receiving the order, assigning a translator or gathering a work group of several specialists;

· Approving the glossary, confirming the terms, discussing the working aspects with the Customer (when dealing with large projects), creating or applying the TM (Translation Memory);

· Performing the translation with the follow-up editing;

· Correcting the translation with a native speaker (optional);

· Courier delivery of the ready translation (extra service, optional).

For every translation a schedule is drawn up for the customers to control the process of work at every stage; large projects can be submitted in parts. The resources of our Company allow involving several translators in the same project, which saves a lot of time without any loss of the translation quality because all the specialists use the glossary of the current project, which facilitates their work and preserves the unity of terminology.

If needed, ready translations can be certified either by the Notary or with the Company stamp. Neo Translating guarantees total confidentiality in the work with written translation, because frequently the information entrusted to us is a commercial secret; all the data is secured on a remote server. 

With the flexible and careful approach to our customers we always consider your needs and budget. Neo Translating provides a discount system for regular customers, along with one-time discounts for large projects. We are here to become your reliable partner in the translation world!

Neo Translating Language Services LLC

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